Commercial & Residential Service

Commercial & Residential Service

by Stateline Mechanical May 10, 2018
Full Line of Ruud Heating Systems

The methods of heating a home or business are very similar but there are some major differences between the two types of HVAC systems.  Commercial HVAC systems are typically much larger, and located in hard to get to places like building rooftops.  Residential systems are usually installed at ground level outside of a home, with furnaces typically being installed in basements or ground floors.

Commercial systems are typically all in one solutions, stored in one large cabinet while residential systems are split into components.  Even the drainage is vastly different between the two systems.  Large commercial HVAC systems have large drainage systems, with multiple pipes to ensure complete evaporation and to eliminate the possibility of overflowing the system.

Maintenance is also vastly different.  Commercial systems can be more expensive to maintain, and much more expensive to repair.

Whether commercial or residential – Stateline Mechanical can do both!  From new construction installations to repair and even replacement, we’ve got the experience and technology to make sure the job is done right.